Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

We were woken earlier than I thought humanly possible at 6:30. We all scarfed down our breakfast to be delivered to the bottom of a monstrous mountain and told to climb it. You can imagine the eagerness on their faces, there was slim to none. The first hill at almost a 90 degree angle killed any joy any person had. After I reached the top of the first hill I could focus on nothing but my screaming muscles. Its funny that rock bottom was the first 15 minutes because after that it was quite nice. After reaching the summit, gazing upon the gorgeous view was quite rewarding. We followed the death hike with lunch that made everything worthwhile. After a few hours on shore we set sail for a half mile long remote island. Then there was a sand castle competition that set the children apart from the men. With our half lion and half fish we destroyed the so-called competition. The less relevant car came in a close second however. However we stayed humble and sailed an entire 10 minutes to Sydney’s Peace and Love for a little get together. There we ate like kings listening to the beautiful reggae band performing. We ate, we danced, and bought over priced souvenirs. It was a night of relaxation and excitement for all. Once 10:00 hit the excitement fell and the relaxation rose with heads dropping like flies. We soon returned to the boat, laid our heads back and slept.