Location: Underway to Saba

We woke up in Savannah Bay, had a light breakfast of bagels and yogurt and soon after went on a short sail over to Spanish Town. We went ashore, bought some lunch and got some things from the grocery store. There were some nice views of the water with many different shades of blue just off a little beach in Spanish Town. We then went over a lot of safety rules for our big sail ahead, and we all tried on some very fashionable life vests. We also learned how to use our harnesses, which keep us from falling off the boat. We then fueled up and around 5, we started our passage. We had a quick dinner with chili and rice (which later some people claimed tasted better the second time ;). And we split ourselves into two watch teams so that we could have shifts throughout our 16-hour sail. Team one, Jacob, Felicity, Niel, Ansley, and I took the first shift from 5-8, then slept from 8-11, and so on until our arrival. Elizabeth, Jacob, and Ethan took the cake for most seasickness, with Elizabeth winning by a landslide, Jacob in second and Ethan at a close third. But we definitely don’t blame them, it was pretty rough out there. Don’t be fooled by this title, the sailing was NOT smooth. But overall, there were some laughs and the night passage was interesting and exciting although kind of scary. And we’ve all woken up this morning and had some oatmeal for breakfast, and are doing a dive later today. But we made it to the southern islands!