Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

It definitely was a long sailing day for the shipmates on Wind Shadow. Before we started sailing we sat down to a nice breakfast and as soon as we were done we saw a huge tarpon in the water. We spent a few minutes taking pictures and videos of it as it swam under our boat. Finally, by 9:30 we started our long day of sailing. We managed to do four sailing circles in under an hour, which is a new record for our boat. After we finished our sailing circles we had some time to rest and eat lunch. Mac & cheese really hit the spot during a sail. After lunch, we learned the proper procedure for man overboard drills and did all 12 man overboard procedures in less than two hours. We were all very proud of ourselves because we managed to save the makeshift man from the water. We anchored in Sandy Spit for the beach barbecue. We went swimming in the rain and did gymnastics on the beach. It was a perfect end to a long day. date: Aug 10, 2017