Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today has definitely been one to remember ” full of laughs, smiles, and adventure! It started in Muskmelon Bay on a beautiful morning. After cereal for breakfast, Leela went off turtle tagging, Morgan went for a snorkel, and all the divers prepared anxiously to take breaths underwater. Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for because everyone finished their diving certification and there are now four new open water divers, Jess, Ewa, Matt, and Soleil, and also Jonny, Ale, and I who join Jack as advanced divers! The advanced finished with their deep dive to over 70 feet and played ping-pong with an egg yolk. Next, we went over to Sambambae and learned how to tie Turk’s Head knots around our ankles that are burned together and will last forever. When we got back to the boat Simon had white bean soup ready for all the shipmates. After lunch, Ben took everyone wakeboarding and kneeboarding, which was amazing because mostly everyone got up! We all got together again on the Wind Shadow to have a talk about coral reefs from Kayleigh and learn ways we could help preserve reefs as divers. Everyone was happily surprised when we stepped out of the cockpit because there was a boom swing set up. We all had a blast jumping off the boat on the swing and some people even did flips. As the excitement died down, everyone showered and got ready for the night. We will all join together tonight as a boat family for ActionQuest’s version of Thanksgiving dinner a few months early. There will be a sail chat tonight to get all the students ready for their exam. Today has truly been an amazing day under the Caribbean sun where we have grown closer as a boat, which is hard to believe, and enjoy each other’s company while we still can. Can’t wait for tomorrow to make memories with all the amazing people on our boat. date: Aug 9, 2017