Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hello everyone! It was a long day, but it will not be forgotten. We woke at 7 am to calming music and glass still seas. After a fast breakfast of cereal and yogurt, we took to the dinghy to start the day. The Neptunes went to one of our other boats for a deep diver talk, while the Dolphins went on a mangrove snorkel. Emily said she saw a “fat sea cucumber,” which seems yummy because who doesn’t love a cucumber?! After the morning activities, we motored into port and wondered around Leverick Bay for a few hours. We came back to food the boat and then took off for Seal Dog Island for our underwater naturalist dive 2. We got our second sail of the trip in and went for almost two hours of sailing. The dive featured barracuda, squid, and a lobster. After the dive, we came back to get our salt water showers before settling down for a nice dinner of garden burgers, beans, and mashed potatoes. Everyone is happy and having a blast as we grow closer each day. We all can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!