Location: Leverick Bay

After our first night dive last night, we had high expectations for the day ahead of us. We started the day off with a boat diver skills dive at The Chimneys, where we had to locate the boat. After an amazing and deserved mac and cheese lunch, cooked by the one and only Alex and Dez, we picked up our anchor and headed over to Coral Gardens. When we arrived, we geared up and had our first underwater naturalist dive. During this dive, we had to locate five vertebrates, four invertebrates, and two plants. Everyone had finished locating their organisms, and we were heading back to our meet up point when we spotted an octopus eating shells and a stingray hiding in the sand. After our dive, we picked up our anchor again and sailed over to Mountain Point where the Neptunes and Dolphins split up on different boats and had a boat trivia followed by a lecture about boat diving safety. When our group had rejoined back on our boat, we started our fresh water cleanse for the BBQ at Leverick Bay. After a tiring evening of dancing and meeting new people, everyone was anxious to get back on our boat and pass out, which is what we did.