Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was another rotation day, the second in a row. It’s our last day of being rafted at Vixen Point, and rotations started with learning dive tables, which is how a diver knows how long he or she can stay underwater at certain depths safely. We then went onto the beach to try out the Picos, which are two-person sailboats. They were loads of fun, though Caroline and I capsized and David, the only one of us with previous Pico experience, scared us by coming close to running into us and then diverting at the last second with Andres. Then we took a break for lunch, which was mac and cheese and went REALLY FAST from it’s huge bowl. After lunch we had the ski rotation, and most of the guys went out to wakeboard while the girls sat on the boat. We all took mini-naps, which were absolutely amazing, and then went swimming off the back of the boat to cool off. The last rotation of the day was the Rhodes, which are 6-7 person sailboats. Caroline, Seth, Josh, Andres, Sarah, and I were in one boat with Craig, while Katherine, Alexa, David, Steven, Andres from Wicked Good, and JP were in another with Averill. The Rhodes were a lot of fun, and it was easier to learn the details of sailing- like the sailing circle- on a smaller scale. The entire outing was hilarious and a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to more rotation days. Since it’s day 7 we’re now off to the beach to have a party with the 10 other boats here, which should be awesome!