Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We finally cast off today after stocking up on supplies. The whole crew was tired from waking up during the rain the night before. For breakfast, we ate Frosted Flakes and Cheerios. Once we finally left the dock, we initially used the motors, but then finally raised the sails. Since I was skipper, I got to sit in the helm and steer the boat. We sailed for a few miles, and then anchored at Norman Island. We got to explore the caves where Blackbeard hid his treasure. After we were finished exploring we ate again. We had ham and turkey sandwiches, which were tasty. We then jumped in the warm salt water again to take our swim tests. Once we finished, we showered in the most interesting way I’ve ever seen. We washed ourselves in soap, then jumped back in the salt water, then rinsed with fresh water. Everyone was tired so I drove us to our evening location, where we ate Sloppy Joe’s and played a heartwarming game with Mike. Gotta go, we had a dive talk right now.