Location: Savannah Bay

Today we woke up to a really nice weather and the smell of scrambled eggs. The cooks did an amazing job making the scrambled eggs and cutting up the fruit. After we ate breakfast we dogged the hatches and got ready to set sail. We focused mostly on talking about the types of sail positions and how to reef the main sail. After a while we stopped at Peter Island for lunch and jumped in the ocean to cool off, we shortly found there was a barracuda under the boat but we figured it would not attack us if we left it alone. After lunch we put up the sail and headed to Virgin Gorda. We practiced putting in the reefs once again until we got to our destination. When we got to virgin Gorda we had sail chat which consisted of how to drop and anchor and the different type of anchors. Quickly after the sail chat we all jumped into the ocean to cool off once again and to take a shower. For dinner we had chili and rice, it was really good and almost everyone added hot sauce to it. When everyone was done we quickly cleaned up the dishes and prepared for sail talk which just consisted of how to be safe during the night sail and where we are going. After sail chat we all got our hammocks set up and ready for bed. I am personally really excited to see how tomorrows sailing is as is everyone else.