Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up at 4:45 am to watch a sunrise at Sandy Spit. Everyone was happy we watched and photographed the sunrise. After breakfast, we moved the boat to refuel and reprovision in West End. When we managed to find everyone and get back to the boat, we had a quick lunch and got underway. When we reached GHP, the Neptunes had a fun dive off of the bow of the boat and saw a stingray and some fish, had an underwater race on foot and worked on buoyancy control. The Dolphins conducted a research dive on the wall by diving off of our dinghy, Phantom. Afterwards, we all had a saltwater shower and prepared for dinner. Mike the director of AQ came over for dinner (burritos) and a Lifeworks forum that was designed to get us to reflect on ourselves and the trip. Next, we are going over to Happy Our to chill and review for our Neptune exam while sail side uses our boat for Lifeworks. When we come back, we are looking forward to a good nights sleep and a great rest of the trip!