Location: Samuel W.

Today we all woke up with smiles on our faces and made our way to Cooper Island to dive wreck alley. We had our plates full of delicious cinnamon french toast for breakfast with syrup on the side. After a short hour of sailing, we arrived at Cooper Island and got on a mooring ball. Firstly, we had our dive briefing and set up our dive gear so that we could hop in the glistening ocean. Even though there were a few swells and mats of sargassum we made it to the bow where we descended. We raised our low-pressure inflators over our heads and made our descent down the mooring line. While diving the wreck, we saw a huge tarpon on the bottom and a fireworm on the mast of the ship. After viewing the wreck, we moved to the reef section of the dive site. We saw a queen triggerfish, a southern stingray, schoolmaster, and a white spotted filefish. We then ascended along the mooring line and made our three-minute safety stop. We disassembled our gear when we got back on the boat and we all ate chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Once again after lunch, we went diving on the wreck and saw a bunch of dog snappers, Peterson cleaner shrimps, and another southern stingray. We made our way back to our boat and then set sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island. On the way, we all studied for our upcoming tests and presentations that would take place tonight. As soon as we arrived, we had a delicious breakfast for dinner made by our chef Alex. Overall, we had a great day with one of the best dives of the trip! Only a couple more days to come!