Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started off our day being woken up by the engine starting and the anchor being lifted. We then all gathered to eat our bagels and learn what the day had planned. We were told we would be heading to the Baths and that it had many rocks to climb. We were pumped! When we got there we quickly jumped off the dinghy (Navy Seal style of course) and quickly set off to climb rocks and jump off them into the water. We got the option to get in pairs but our Sambamfam is so tight we all stayed together. We all climbed and jumped off rocks while sometimes attempting to break our Nalgene bottles (so we could get a free t-shirt) while recording the best moments on our GoPros. We then went to Spanishtown and ate off the boat for the first time this trip. We also got our phones to call our parents. After we started our engines again. We quickly started getting banana peels thrown at our boat so then we started a race. We raised our sails, cut our engines, and hoped to teach them not to mess with us again. We did just that. Once we started up, we didn’t stop. We left them in the dust.