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British Virgin Islands - 2017, Session 2

Sambamba Staff Update Day 1


After an amazing run last session, we've welcomed the next group aboard Sambamba! With two days to turn everything around, all the ActionQuest staff has been hard at work re-stocking and servicing our vessels in preparation for the exhilarating weeks ahead. Over the course of the next three weeks, we are hoping to IYT certify our shipmates in sailing that can open new doorways into the yachting industry, or simply provide better access to pleasurable experiences onboard charter vessels. We will also be teaching advanced sailing onboard to any students with significant prior experience and the desire to augment their abilities. The three staff onboard are all well versed in the various aspects of sailing and yachting on account of our proximity to the maritime lifestyle, but of course, sailing is only part of the program! Our onboard SCUBA instructor, Maddy, plans to PADI open water certify our shipmates and open their eyes to the wonders of marine life. Courses aside, our goal as staff is to provide a fun, supportive and safe environment that gives our students the opportunity to discover their ability to learn and overcome challenges. We hope the build these surroundings not only from our daily activities such as water skiing, dinghy sailing, snorkeling, hiking, but with responsibility and team building. The next 3 weeks will be fruitful ones for all those living aboard Sambamba and ActionQuest vessels in general. We're really looking forward to having an incredible time over the upcoming weeks.

Here is an introduction to Sambamba:

David- Skipper/WFR

David grew up on California's coasts, and when he wasn’t invested in his schooling; he was either involved in an aquatic summer program or traveling around the Middle East, Europe, and Central America. Forever indebted to his parents, David was fortunate enough to begin dinghy sailing at the age of 8, scuba diving at 13, and various other aquatic sports in the times in-between. In 2013 David's life dramatically shifted after Seamester; when his eyes were opened to the vast world of yachting. Thanks to his incredible experiences onboard S/Y Argo, David dedicated his free time to receiving a certificate as a Master of Yachts through the Royal Yachting Association and used this license to work in the BVI as well as the Adriatic and other parts of the Mediterranean. Now returning for his third year, David hopes to continue expressing his passion for the ocean while learning from everyone around him in return.

Maddy- Dive Instructor/Mate

Maddy grew up in Toronto, Canada.  She now attends the University of British Columbia, where she studies applied biology with a focus on marine mammals. Despite her landlocked location, Maddy has loved the ocean and marine biology ever since she was a young girl and has been diving for as long as she can remember. She has had a fascination with marine mammals in particular ever since she visited family in South Africa when she was just 5 years old. Maddy is a qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor as well as a Wilderness First Responder. For several years she was a shipmate herself at ActionQuest and has developed a strong love and passion for the British Virgin Islands. When she is not scuba diving, she can be found skiing at Whistler in between classes or doing yoga with her friends. 

Casey- Mate/WFR

Casey is CRAZY excited for this session of AQ. Hailing from the land of frappes, Red Sox's, and Dunkin iced coffee, Casey has grown up sailing small boats all over New England waters. When she was attending university in Virginia, she left for a Seamester on Ocean Star, which introduced her to the world of sail education. She's been hooked ever since, and now works as a full-time sail instructor and professional mariner. Casey's other interests include but are not limited to hiking, re-watching The Office, and quesadillas.