Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 10 was another beautiful day in paradise on Sambamba. Each member of the crew brings something special to the vessel. Everyone’s vibrant personality, coupled with an overarching eagerness to help others, makes every day a great day. The Vega students have completed all knowledge development sections, the final exam, and all of the confined water training for their PADI open water dive certification. Brooke, Gabbie, and Lilly completed the first of four open water dives today. When they surfaced with glowing smiles, they couldn’t stop talking about the barracuda they saw. Jenna, Chloe, and Jaqi finished the fifth confined water dive and are excited to jump into the crystal clear water surrounding Great Dog Island to do their first open water dive in a couple of days. The Barracuda and Carina students have completed their PADI boat diver specialty and are well on their way to complete their night diver and fish ID certifications on schedule. Andres, Ethan, Jacob, and Rodrigo saw many princess parrotfish and trumpetfish during their fish ID dive. Everyone onboard has practiced man overboard drills, mooring Sambamba, and various smaller boat sailing, including Picos and 19 ft Rhodes. The shipmates also learned to drive Sambamba’s dinghy named Workboat. Overall, Sambamba has been learning and perfecting an astonishing amount of skills in just ten days. The staff is blessed to have such wonderful students. We can’t even imagine how much they will progress during the second half of the session. On behalf of the crew and Sambamba, we would like to thank you for letting us be a part of this voyage with your loved ones.