Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day. We woke up early to eat bagels and yogurt. Our sailing instructor, Ruth, loaned us her jar of Nutella so we could put it on our bagels. After cleanup, we practiced mooring the ship and other sailing skills. Then we all went diving. Some of the Vegas did their confined water dives while the rest of them did their first open water dive. They said they saw lots of cool fish. The Barracudas and I went on a fish ID adventure dive to gain another dive towards an advanced open water certification. I saw a lobster, trumpetfish, and a sea urchin. We then devoured 32 grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. We then went to dive theory, where the Vegas got their final exams back. They all passed! The rest of us went swimming. While waiting for the next rotation, we saw a huge barracuda that Gabbie thought was a shark. Andres and I jumped in and tried to film it with a GoPro. We then went Pico sailing. Picos are small sailboats that are super fun to sail around. A lot of people went. Rodrigo and I went sailing together and passed our friends Ethan and Andres in the other Pico, who tried to hijack our boat. We then ate Thanksgiving dinner, but better because we got to watch a beautiful sunset.