Location: Marina Cay

We started the day like any other, with oatmeal. We set sail after breakfast and cruised through the waters until we reached Marina Cay to fill up our water tanks. Captain Jack ended up arm wrestling the clerk at Marina Cay, and we took some great pictures, but he ended up losing. After our water tanks were filled, we hopped on Big Blue, the very fast very big dinghy, to Trellis Bay. We got to the docks and went shopping at a variety of different stores. They had a store called Aragorn’s which sold artwork and some of the coolest shirts ever. And then were was a sandwich shop that sold the best sandwiches in the BVI. You had a choice of smoked wahoo, snapper, grouper, etc. And we were able to call our parents. At four we went back to Big Blue and flew back to the boat. We ate tortellini and got back onto another boat to go to Lifeworks, a program where we learn life lessons. So we headed up the hill and listened to our director Mike who told us the importance of living life to the fullest. And we listened to different stories of people, and we learned the importance of talking to your loved ones. After Lifeworks, we headed back to the boat and went to bed.