Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Waking up hurting all over from yesterday’s hike probably wasn’t the best thing ever. Realizing we had our sailing practical just when we were enjoying nice, warm French toast was, to say the least, pretty “dang it” worthy. But nevertheless, the Blue Tide shipmates came together to pull through the day. We had to say goodbye to two of our crew members because they joined the other advanced sailors on Ocean Star for the day. After leaving the dock two of our shipmates completed their sailing practicals in a series of endless tacks and jibes (fingers crossed!). For lunch we made chicken salad and enjoyed that over a hilarious conversation with our visitor Ethan regarding spoons, jelly, and dish cloths. Yes, who knew the conversation potential these topics had haha. Our afternoon continued on with everyone doing the man overboard procedure with our poor fender Jeff. The man overboard was concluded with a very exciting event- the cries of “dolphins!” This was our first dolphin spotting on this trip! Though the actual amount of dolphins seen ranged from 4 to a tail to none, the expectant looks on everyone as we stood at the waves was definitely a high of our day. In the late afternoon we sailed to a small island-beach with the softest sand and clearest waters. It was the perfect place to relax after two days of action.