Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up in beautiful Sandy Spit this morning! We started the day off by eating cereal and cleaning up. While my shipmates were eating breakfast, Tom and I attended a skipper’s meeting where we were briefed on how the first race was going to happen. Afterward, our whole boat put on blue and pink face paint and started the race. We were practically flying the whole way to West End and ended up in first place out of 8 boats! We all were overjoyed and had huge smiles on our faces. We ate a delicious lunch on land in West End where Tom and I had another skipper’s meeting. We went over how the second race was going to go down, and we received our first place trophy! We started the second race very well, and although we did not get first, nothing could bring our spirits down from our first win. We then anchored at Peter Island and just ate a delicious dinner while watching the sunset. We are excited for our day tomorrow in Road Town as the final days of our session are coming close.