Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started off the day with a lazy morning. After a long night of dancing we got to sleep in until 7:15. Once we woke up we got ready for the day while the chefs cooked pancakes. We then each had two pancakes while the staff were at a meeting. When the staff got back from their meeting we began to sail to Sandy Spit. On our way sailing we had our sailing practical. During our sail practical we did our man overboard drills, sailing circles, practiced tacking and jibing, and much more. After we finished the practical we made it to our destination, Sandy Spit. We then ate lunch which was quesadillas and sandwiches. Once we finished lunch we swam and walked around on the island. Once we got back to the boat we salt and fresh water showered. we then ate a dinner of rice, beans, hot dogs, cornbread, and salad. We then cleaned up the boat and now we are waiting for a dinghy ride over to another boat so we can do a Lifeworks Forum. Today was really fun and exciting!