Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day at 6:30 am at Pond Bay. Everyone woke up and the chefs started cooking/preparing oatmeal for breakfast. After everyone finished eating the rest of the shipmates did their jobs, cleaned dishes and the rest of boat. The navigator found out we were going to Mountain Point first and how we would be getting there. Once it was time to leave Pond Bay the green watch took over first, which was Ian, Lorenzo, Stephanie, and I. We sailed around a reef and then the black watch took over. Later after they sailed the boat for a while the red watch took over and took us to Mountain Point. We all hung out on the ship for a bit and had lunch. Today we made sandwiches again, they were pretty good. After lunch we cleaned the dishes and everything else. Once everyone finished their jobs we did another drill, which was mooring. Earlier in the day the drill we did was tacking. Both drills went well. I think everyone learned a lot today. After we finished the drill we went back to the boat and then everyone got ready to go diving. I got ready to go snorkeling, it was pretty cool! There were a lot of really cool fish and a lot of neat other things. Everyone met up at the boat afterwards and then we started sailing again to Peter Island. The whole we there we sailed with the wind behind us. We ended up having dinner while we were on our way to Peter Island while we were sailing still. Once we got back we changed and headed to a boat for Lifeworks with a couple other boats and we talked about what would make our lives perfect. After we came back to the boat and celebrated Michael’s birthday!