Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started out in Savanna Bay and then set sail to practice various skills before diving. We practiced the different points of sail, as well as jibing. Jibing is tough because you need to be prepared for the boom to swing over pretty violently. If you don’t prepare for it and do it safely, it can snap lines or do other things, not good! We then sailed to Mountain Point for some diving! It was my first open water dive, so I was very excited. It was pretty tough actually, especially figuring out how to be neutrally buoyant. But once I got everything adjusted it was a blast. We saw tons of fish, though I don’t know any of their names. After diving we practiced man overboard drills with our ever helpful friend, Bob the buoy, or Pedro as he is also called. We’d toss him over then run through what we do to properly turn around and save our friend. Unfortunately we ran over him a couple times, but luckily he doesn’t need air and we eventually got the hang of it. I just went topside to find a dance party underway as I write this. Anyway, where was I… post drills we had a very relaxing sail to Peter Island, where we are now. We sailed wing on wing, which was really cool. It’s where the mainsail is on one side and the jib on the other while on a run. Dinner tonight was good, with some yummy biscuits to accompany our pasta. I now leave you to join the happenin party above. Until next time, skipper of the day signing out.