Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up late after the BBQ last night, ate a breakfast of oatmeal, and started off the day with our dive chats. The advanced divers learned about different types of fish and ways to identify them in preparation for our Fish ID dive. After the dive chats we headed over to Leverick Bay for a short shore excursion where everyone called home, ate lunch, and bought snacks. After that, we headed out away from Virgin Gorda and raised some sails. We sailed through the better part of the afternoon before tacking back to Virgin Gorda, this time to a spot called Mountain Point. There we dropped anchor, had swim and shower time, and then got ready for Mexican Night. After dinner, the staff cleaned up as fast as they possibly could so that we have to beat their time the next Mexican night. Now we’ve put on some music and everyone’s on the bow watching the sunset together, getting ready for another day of fun on the boat.