Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an action packed day full of sailing and adventure. We started our day with French toast that brought sweet flashbacks of home. After that, we snorkeled the mangroves, a breeding ground from various species. Soleh is the exemplary snorkeler that we all look to for any snorkeling guidance. We then dinghy-drove to the Rhodes; Rhodes are 15 ft sailboats that work as good training vessels or beginning sailors. While we were sailing we had to do a man overboard drill. We named our man, a fender, Lil Pump. Then we sailed to a mooring ball where we hopped off and went to Pico sailing. Pico sailing is always a great way to bond with your crew because you go two people to a Pico. It’s so great to see everyone bonding more and more! We all also got our coral conservation license today! Now were heading out to party it up at the all-fleet beach BBQ.