Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up in Trellis Bay after another rainy night. We had a quick cereal breakfast and we made sure everything down below was clean and dry. We had a pretty lazy morning with a lot of laughs! Then we learned about dive charts and finished our dive book. Yay! Only the final exam to go (plus some diving) till we’re certified. We also had a sail chat and learned about markers to keep the boat safe. We had white bean soup for lunch and decided that you couldn’t say certain words (as they had been oversaid), and if you curse then you have to kiss the boat! So funny! After lunch had been cleaned up we set sail for Vixen Point. The conditions calmed down a little today. While we were sailing Mike drove up in a little motor boat and handed us food for dinner. It was so funny because everything almost fell everywhere! Once we got to Vixen Point we showered and made dinner. Mexican night! Mike came over for dinner, which was a nice treat. It was a pretty easy day, but we’re all a little tired and ready for some rest.