Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up to heavy winds in Trellis Bay, where we had moored for the night. As we started to make breakfast the winds lessened and the rain clouds receded. After a quick meal of cereal, we broke up into our diving group for a dive chat. Then after the dive chat was over we fought the sleepies and had a nice sailing chat where we learned about signal buoys and other marine signals. Then we prepared lunch and ate some delicious tortilla soup. After quickly cleaning up we untied ourselves from our mooring and motored out of the bat. As the skipper of the day I steered us out of the bay and directed the raising of the sail and controlled the sailing as we navigated to Vixen Point on Prickly Pear Island. While making way we jammed out to some music. While sailing the shipmates decided to ride the surf at the front of the boat, causing some we shipmates and much excitement for all. Craig, our fearless captain, taught us sailing and fed our pet seagull, named Bob Marley. When we reached Vixen Point Craig pulled off a challenging docking technique. Once docked we took a swim/shower and in the process learned how to backflip off the boat. Eventually after a couple backflips I was able to complete one. After our shower we prepared and at our Mexican food, which our Mexican shipmates assured us was not at all Mexican. Overall it was a great, fun packed day under slightly cloudy Caribbean skies.