Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a good day, just like every other amazing day at ActionQuest! We had some bagels and fruit for breakfast, that was pretty easy to clean up. The first thing we did was go for some sailing practice and I was the skipper and I got to manage the boat and I got the helm and even though I started a little bit confused because I didn’t know some words (in Spanish some things are different, although I probably don’t know those things in Spanish) but anyways we got to go really fast for the first time and it was so much fun. I never thought that I’d, like sailing but holding the helm and going fast just pushed by the wind, made me feel happy that is soooooo cool. Later I handed the helm to my friends and eventually we stopped in Marina Cay where we anchored and had some awesome grilled cheese, we saw a Remora. That’s the fish that sticks to the shark, so we supposed that there was a shark nearby but we didn’t see it. After lunch, we went to a store called Pusser’s where we bought some snacks. I love water. After that and clean up we went for some sail circles and there was a big storm and it was raining, some of us stayed inside. We are all tired at ActionQuest because it’s so much fun all the time! Finally, we got back to Mountain Point and we had kind of a Thanksgiving dinner! After that we showered and to end the day, we are having some awesome sail chat. Basically, it was a sail day. Yayy!!!!!!!!