Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Waking up today on the 98-degree boat was ravishing. Wouldnt have wanted to start my day any other way. For breakfast, we ate some quite delicious breakfast burritos. After breakfast, it took us two hours to clean up, as usual. We then accompanied Shona with a wonderful chat about the engine. We had a guest today, his name is Ethan and he lives on Erocibar. Cool guy, I must say. We got the opportunity to do a navigational chat. It was so eventful! We love compasses. Lunch today was a white bean soup, I can definitely say stunk up the boat a bit, but it was actually tasty. After lunch, we went to Bella. Quincy and I wakeboarded and I face planted 4 times. It was amazeballs! When I went back to the boat, I went free-diving off the side of the boat. Then we drove Toothless, the dinghy to Erocibar and then from there we went to a wreck dive. It was awesome! Today was a pretty good day.