Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we slept in until 7 and had a usual morning routine. Then we had amazing breakfast burritos and Mike came in the middle of breakfast where we went into the salon and looked at postcard pictures from the 1900s. We all picked 3 postcard pictures- one that represented something that we valued about ourselves, one that represented something that we didn’t value about ourselves, and one that we could contribute to making our ActionQuest experience better. After that, we cleaned up after breakfast and motored over to Cane Garden Bay where we stopped to eat PB+Js and refill our fresh water tanks. The great part about that was we were able to take full fresh water showers, which happens rarely. We then practiced sailing because we will have our sailing exam in two days. We practiced raising the mainsail, unfurling the jib, using winches, finding a specific boat and sail pieces, and our points of sail. We came back and are currently anchored at Cane Garden Bay. Tonight the chefs made Thai peanut chicken with brown rice, which was really good. Two weeks into ActionQuest and each day is packed with fun activities.