Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was a full day of sailing! We woke up this morning in front of Sidney’s. While the staff had a meeting, we ate French toast until it was time to go. From there we left the dock and sailed around for our practical sailing exam. We worked through getting checked off for tacking, jibing, vessel nomenclature, working the winches, safety, teamwork, and being interviewed by the skipper, Gabe, to see what we know about sailing. We stopped at Sandy Cay to eat lunch, chicken salad wraps, and it had such a pretty beach. We continued sailing after we raised the anchor from lunch and everyone successfully got checked and passed! We just stopped at Green Cay for the night, and tonight we’re eating black beans and rice for dinner. We’re all super relieved about our sailing skills and bonding as a crew. Couldn’t love this family more. The race tomorrow is SO on.