Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started today eating breakfast and watching the sunrise on the beach. After having a nice calm morning, we started to prepare for our first race of the day. The first race was like a drag race almost; we were going straight to reach the end which was West End. We had the lead at the start, and then our shampoo fell overboard, and we had to drop out of the race to get it. After coming in last, we had a nice lunch on shore at West End. Then we prepared for our second race of the day. This race was a little bit more technical than the first one; it involved tacking. Again we had a great start, and we were leading the group, but somehow again we fell in last place. It doesn’t matter how we ended the races; the important thing is that we all worked together to cross the finish line. We’re getting ready to eat and prepare for the next day.