Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to a great breakfast cooked by William and Reagan. Then the Questers Reagan and Becca went off to go turtle tagging. Then rotations started. Our boat was the boat to learn on this fine morning since everyone was learning how to make Turk’s Head bracelets. After our bracelets were completed, we all went on our second open water dive, which was amazing and a great experience. Quickly after we had lunch, which was followed by a surprise birthday cake for Jordan, who is now 15. After a quick cleanup, we all went wakeboarding, where Chloe, Jordan, Stephen, and myself all got up. Then we came home and learned about how much plastic is in the ocean. It’s amazing how much things end up in the ocean. Now we are about to go to a beach party with the whole program, which will be a blast.