Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was more on the relaxing side as we spent a lot of time sailing. But before leaving the dock, all of Action Quest gathered together for a meeting/introduction from Mike. He told us about each program and the great experiences we’d come by. Once we finished, we returned to set sail. The waves today were rocky as there is a storm coming. While headed to our destination, everyone sat on the bow. We all got constantly splashed with the waves coming up. It also gave us the opportunity to tan, yay! We were planning on doing a review dive. However, it was postponed until tomorrow once the storm has passed. So we moved to grab a mooring ball for the night. Later on, we took our wonderful ocean showers and then took some time to make bracelets. Tonight, we after dinner we plan to do knowledge reviews and afterward watch a movie as we wait for the storm to pass. Night!