Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a relaxing day for everyone. First, we had woken up a little late, since we were tired from yesterday. After we had woken up, we had gotten dressed and ate breakfast, which was cereal and yogurt. Afterward, the instructors had us work on some of our reviews while they created a game for us to play since we couldn’t dive because of the weather. It had taken them two hours to create the game. It had turned out to be our own ship murder mystery game of clue! After the game, we ate lunch, which was PB and J. Then after, some of us worked more on our reviews and drawings. Others swam and joked around in the water, and then went water skiing and kneeboarding. When those that did water sports returned, our sous chef and chef began to make us┬ásome garlic bread and cheesy alfredo pasta. And tonight, we are going to do a lifeworks forum.