Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we got to wake up late for the big day ahead of us. It was the most tiring day so far but also the most rewarding. To fuel us, we had breakfast burritos and jumped into our first dive, responding to an unresponsive diver underwater. Then we moved on to giving an unconscious diver rescue breaths while towing them back to the boat and removing their gear. It took many tries and many hours in the salt water before we had all finished the exercise. Lunch was Philly cheese steaks and after we realized our tasks had only just begun in the water. We had to do more exercises but this time with a pocket mask of the victim’s mouth. Finally, after more work and hours in the water, we came up successful and had a new tool to use. Feeling proud, we made a Thanksgiving dinner and retired to a much needed relaxing night. While we are all tired and worn out, we are still excited to find out what tomorrow brings!