Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up very early and very paranoid. We constantly think about the possibility of a rescue scenario. After a quick breakfast, we headed over to West End. I always have a lot of emotions when I am in West End. It’s marks the beginning and the beginning of the end of my ActionQuest trip. That being said, it was nice to go to port. We left West End before noon and headed over to GHP. It was a long sail and gave me a nice opportunity to read my book. The long sail gave everyone an opportunity to reset. For a good portion of the sail, many of us began studying for our rescue exam. Our evening consisted of trivia games aimed at studying for the rescue exam. The rescue students were on edge the whole time waiting for a “White Squall” call. We never heard the call, so the trivia persisted. Due to a bad wager at the end of the game, my group got last place with a score of negative infinity. Our boat is looking forward to our first night dive tonight!!