Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

This morning, we woke up to the sound of the engine rumbling to life as we sailed from Great Harbor Peter to Blue Chromis reef. Then, we embarked on our first dive of the trip! After a quick debrief, refreshing our memories on the basics of diving, we began our first dive. After the skills dive, we proceeded to learn basic types of tired diver tows! After the dive, we set sail to Savannah Bay. Anchoring far from the rest of the AQ fleet, where we prepped for our second dive of the day! The dives tested our compass navigation skills through a variety of drills, and our instructors had to stay down for longer than an hour for everyone to finish! As the last divers ascended, however, this buddy team acted as “tired divers” for us to practice our rescue skills in a realistic scenario. From tired divers to frantic and unresponsive divers, each oscar-worthy scenario tested our skills in a fun and team-building way! After the scenarios were complete, we sailed around to the rest of the AQ fleet and anchored. Then, we began prepping our chili dinner and finished our salt water showers! After a search and recovery video and a final lesson, day four came to a close.