Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up peacefully sailing towards one of the coolest locations of the trip, The Baths! The Baths is a place with beautiful rocks surrounded by crystal clear waters. Most students enjoyed some swim time or exploring around. Gen, Tay, our friend Ethan, and I climbed around the rocks and found a fantastic look-out. After our time spent ashore, we drove back to the boat and got ready for port with fresh water showers. Once we arrived, we took out money and got our phones and were let loose on shore. We enjoyed burgers and fries and sweet treats during our free time. We returned to the boats and chilled with some music. We then set sail to our next destination in Mountain Point. We set up all our gear and hopped in the water to do some more rescue training. During our time in the water, we did some drills about how to deal with panicked divers and safely help them. Gen and I were partners and had a lot of fun running drills together! We finished up, and all got out of the water and took apart our dive gear. Chefs started dinner, and the rest of us showered off and got ready for dinner time. We took some group pictures on the hard top and spent some quality time together taking group pictures. We ate together and cleaned up and here we are now about to watch a dive video and get ready for bed. Excited for tomorrow for the BBQ! We miss everyone at home and thanks to all the parents for sending us here!