Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we got our first real taste of rescue diving. The day started with the Lion King theme song at 6.45am, followed by a much-needed breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. As soon as we finished, we hopped into our gear and prepared for our first rescue diving activity, but not before receiving the newest addition to the rescue program – Dan from ‘The Entertainer’ boat. Throughout the day he’s become a part of our dysfunctional family (whether he likes it or not), from joining us for meals to being Jackson’s trusty dive buddy. We all worked on our navigation and refreshing our memories on compass use before having tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we lounged around and worked on out dive books for a little while, and then it was time for learning how to save divers with the swimming method in the bay. Matt and Dan (instructor Dan, not The Entertainer Dan) delivered some Oscar-winning performances of demonstrating how to deal with tired/panicked divers. After our lesson we had an hour or two of free time, then we had chili for dinner. Now we’re getting ready for our second rescue diver lecture, and I can assure you that we all can’t wait to see what more camp has to offer us!