Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started off the day with a nice down pour of rain at 5am during which everyone bolted inside to sleep on the floor. After that, we travelled to the Baths while everyone got in another 30 minutes of sleep. Upon arrival, we ate our breakfast of oatmeal and prepared for the Baths. At the Baths, we climbed on massive rocks and jumped off of one into the water. Allissa even found 8 small pools which she claimed as her own. No one got any scrapes so we get to have brownies tonight! After the baths we went to Spanish Town for our first shore time. We ate lunch and stocked up on candy and snacks. After shore time, we went to Mountain Point while witnessing another massive down pour and finishing our knowledge reviews for tonights rescue lecture. Once we arrived, we had a small rescue lesson and worked on our emergency action plans. After that, we ate stroganoff for dinner and watched a beautiful sunset. The Baths always prove to be memorable and they did not disappoint today! Our activities today were some of the best so far! I can’t wait to continue our AQ journey tomorrow!