Location: Marina Cay

Our day starts early on Odyssea with a 6:15 am wake up. Today however we woke up to pouring rain on one side of the boat and bright and sunny on the other. We at our pancakes in awe. After the breakfast that our cooks for the day (Martin and Sean) made we set sail toward Ginger Island. Driving the boat was awesome! Once at Ginger Island we did our first dive without instructors. I’m proud to announce that all of our dive groups navigated on their own and all made it back to the boat without the help of our fantastic instructors, who taught us so well to begin with. On my dive with my buddy Liz we saw many cool things, but my favorite was the nurse shark. I’ve never been the in the water with a shark before so this first time was awesome! After our dive, we had chicken pasta…yum! Then after clean up, we were off to Marina Cay. For everyone who has never seen it, you’re missing out. Though there isn’t much on the island, it is honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! Even in the rain, which has been drenching us all day long. We end our day with a Lifeworks forum and then back to the boat for bed. Today, for many of us, another piece of the puzzle has been put into place.