Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up bright and early to a breakfast of oatmeal as we raised our anchor and got underway to Brewer’s Bay. After a nice downwind sail in the pouring rain and a couple of minutes of sailing wing on wing, we attempted to sail onto the mooring. After setting up our dive gear, the Neptunes embarked on a fun dive and the Dolphins on a project dive, both at Shark Point. It was a very cool dive with a cool swim through and multiple tarpon. After surfacing we pumped tanks and ate lunch as we headed across the bay to dive the Pinnacles. It was another cool dive with tons of coral rock formations and swim-throughs. After surfacing nit he rain we began to pump tanks and slowly make our way to Cane Garden Bay, our home for the night. After motoring around we finished pumping tanks and tied up to the dock to get water and fuel. We then anchored for the night and had Thai peanut chicken for dinner. We had Ian over for dinner. We are now having a dance off with another boat across the bay.