Location: West End, Tortola

Today we had the second race we won again! Laurasia is the reigning champion! We were windward to start because Tiago won rock paper scissors, giving us the advantage. Spindrift took an early lead but accidentally tacked and got off course, leaving Laurasia in the lead, which we steadily built until we crossed the finish line victorious! To celebrate, we had a major food fight using pancakes mix, croutons, tortillas, and bread, which we all had to get rid of anyway. We all jumped in the water to rinse off, then worked together to clean up the mess. Now there is a major cleanup going on. Every nook and cranny of the boat is being cleaned. When we finish, if we are fast enough, we will have time on shore to walk around. A BBQ to conclude the program will be held. It is going to be great fun, and I am ecstatic for the day to come.