Location: West End, Tortola

The morning started at 7 AM with the smell of hope in the air. Today was race day. The race would be from the start of Norman Island to around a mark at Road Town and the finish at the harbor of Peter Island. We got a promising start and quickly took first. Going into the mark at Road Town it was just us and JV2 anywhere. We were 1-3 boat lengths ahead of them throughout the entire race, and I did fairly well at holding them off. All seemed well nearing the finish until a sudden wind change made it impossible to hold our course, and because we got a header while we were next to the windward mark, we were forced to tack, and the third boat Caribbean Soul who was way above us won, giving us a second. I wish I could say I drove us to victory, but I can’t, I can only hope I do better. These three weeks have been some of the happiest of my life, and I wish we had finished in the place we deserve. I am still joyous about having one more night with the rest of the crew, and I hope we make the most of it.