Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today started with sleeping in. We were then woken up with the sweet smell of pancakes in the morning. After our bellies were nice and full, we motored to the other side of the small bay and moored on a rusty barrel. This is where the Neptunes would take their first dive of the day. They went down a whopping 90 feet and explored the outside of a sunken barge. While the Neptunes were exploring the depths of the sea, the Dolphins had their first lesson with underwater cameras. After a quick lunch of grilled cheese and salad, the Neptunes went on another deep wreck dive. This time they got to see the Fearless which is an old wooden ship. The Dolphins got to put all their new skills to the test by taking pictures of the nearby reefs. While the Dolphins and Neptunes were having fun, the Rescues were getting down to business learning tired diver tows and how to give rescue breaths while in the water. To finish the day we were gifted by the presence of the program director Mike for dinner.