Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to a fantastic breakfast of eggs and muffins. Shortly afterward we progressed to an invigorating scuba chat in which we learned about fish. Then after we learned about how to hook a mooring ball, it took a while, but everyone finally got it. Right after that, we had an amazing lunch consisting of white bean soup and delicious saltine crackers. Soon after we finished eating and cleaned up the soup, we went to Astrid and got briefed on how to operate the Picos. Most people went on the Picos and of those that went out most capsized. After we had our fill of using the Picos, we went on a fish identification dive close to the boats. We saw many different fish and even a stingray. Then we had great fun dinner. We had risotto and Caesar salad. Afterward, we had a blast singing the morning song.