Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up to a nice breakfast of cereal and fresh fruit. Then we motored to the Chimneys and had an amazing dive through the underwater caves. The dive felt like flying around in a canyon, and there were white eels with black dots hiding along the walls. We surfaced, hopped on the boat and made our way to Coral Gardens. After reaching our destination, we hung out for a little bit, refilled our tanks, and ate some mac and cheese. Soon after finishing our delicious lunch we jumped in for our next dive. This time we went to visit a site of a plane crash 50 feet under the water. The plane was lying on the seabed with all of the doors and windows missing, exposing its interior. The plan made a perfect habitat for many creatures, such as barracuda and purple sea sponges among other things which came in handy for our naturalist lecture aboard Mambo No. Five. After returning, a few of us went wakeboarding while others cooked dinner or relaxed aboard the ship. We ate a delicious dinner of tomato stroganoff and salad. Finally to end our spectacular day we finished with a session of Lifeworks hosted by Alex. What a great day!