Location: Vixen Point

The first week has already come to an end, and we are all surprised. Even though days felt like weeks, they keep flying by! We started the morning out with a quick breakfast and then it was straight to an early dive. We identified five types of fish, two invertebrates, and two plants. After we set sail to Leverick Bay where we all went into town for lunch. Not long after that, we left again for Prickly Pear where we would spend the night. Once we were anchored some of us headed to the beach while others went on a snorkel at the mangroves. They later met up with the rest of us down at the beach for some fun and games. Before we knew it, we had to go back to the boat to get ready for the beach BBQ and the dance. Once we were ready, we took a few pictures before heading to the docks. We all got out and had an amazing dinner of burgers and hot dogs. Then the music started playing and not long after everyone started migrating to the dance floor. Before long it was 11, and it was time to head back to the boat where we all passed out after a quick snack of chips among other things. It was a great day!