Location: Pinney's Beach, Nevis

Today we started off our day with a delicious breakfast. We had cereal and granola. Then as soon as we got finished with the dishes we sent out on our journey. We got to choose to go kayaking, biking or horseback riding. I chose to go kayaking. We got in the dinghy and drove to shore to meet a taxi. The kayakers and bikers went in the same taxi. Once we got there we went our own way. The kayakers got in our boat and pushed away. We drifted down a half mile then the battle began. We had to kayak up wind. We started to go up wind and then we all started to splash each other. We got soaked! The battle only lasted a couple minutes. After we finished kayaking we decided to relax on the beach. The bikers came back after a little while and we all went back to the boat for a little free swim time and to get ready for dinner at Sunshine’s Beach Bar on Pinney’s Beach.