Location: Nevis

Today was definitely a great day. The Wind Shadow crew started the day off with a nice breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bagels and yogurt. As we finished our meal everyone rushed to clean the dishes and the cockpit, so we could all quickly get to shore to have time to be on our long lost phones. After venturing on shore for an hour and a half, those who had decided to go diving proceeded to the nearby dive shop where we picked up gear for our dive. We then got on board Stumpy, the boat we would dive off of. To start the amazing dive, we performed a seated back roll entry into the water and descended down to a maximum depth of 60 feet. Throughout the dive we saw lots of wrecks, barracudas, sting rays, coral species and varieties of marine life. One person (Nathan) even saw a turtle!! Following the dive we headed back to our boat and prepared to go underway and head to the island of Nevis. We ate lunch and dinner while underway and performed our watch team rotations, in which 3 to 4 people are on watch for 3 hours and then have 6 hours off. In conclusion the day was great and the crew got even closer. We are now taking the sails down as we are almost to our next destination (except for me obviously because I’m writing the blog). Land Ho!!!