Location: Marina Cay

The morning started out like any other- oatmeal, coffee, and smiles. After we finished breakfast the divemasters began their rescue training while the rest of us practiced our knot tying. When that was finished our group hung out and started singing. It was super fun to see everyone laugh and smile. Afterwards we moved downstairs and finished the rest of yesterday’s film. When the movie finished we hung out a little more until lunch was served. Each day I feel more and more connected with everyone on this boat. I never knew there could be so much love and compassion in one area, but here I am embracing every minute of it. Lunch consisted of leftover chicken, salad, tortillas, etc. We had to eat quickly because we were doing open water diving again in the afternoon. Being down there again made me realize how much I want to be a marine biologist. Being there in person vs reading about it from a textbook makes all the difference. It was so much fun going back in the water and seeing so much colorful wildlife. I hope to do it more in the future. The dive lasted 45 minutes, which was crazy because it only felt like 20 minutes. My group ended up being the last so we were the last to shower, which was fine. Once we were refreshed we headed off to a new location. I got to steer for a while which was fun! Now that we have docked and watered up we are about to have dinner. Tonight we are having beef stroganoff. The name sounds hilarious but the food smells delicious and I’ sure it will taste that way too thanks to our wonderful chefs. Today ended up being great as always and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as great. How could it be anything else with these guys. I will surely miss them when this trip is over.